Adriana Tavares

Adriana TavaresI started my career designing websites in '97 while attending a BA in Graphic Design, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. After the Internet boom, I moved to San Francisco, CA, to attend a MFA in New Media and to explore interactive TV (iTV) and portable devices as I wondered what would be the next movement in the tech industry.

When iyrO (my MFA final project) was completed, I moved to Los Angeles to work at Aptiv Digital (currently Rovi), a pioneer in software development for cable set-top boxes with millions of copies deployed globally. After Aptiv, I went to Schematic (currently Possible)--an award winner interactive agency with strong emphasis on iTV and emerging technology. At Schematic, I worked as a Senior User Experience Designer on a great variety iTV, touch screen, and web projects for clients such as Microsoft, Motorola, and Cablevision. Since 2009, I have been freelancing to clients such as, DirecTV, LEVEL Studios, Walt Disney Imagineering and Ayzenberg.

Today with two young children, I work for BMW Group Designworks USA.

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